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I know many of my friends follow English football and the English Premier League (EPL) very closely. There are die-hard club fans who swear their loyalty to the club than anything else. One of the most successful clubs in recent times is Chelsea. They were the English Premier League Champions in 2004 and 2005. Currently there was a bit of confusion in the club about the sacking of their coach Jose Mourinho. I was searching the net to find some interesting stuff on this and landed up at a blog site called

This blog is started by a fan of Chelsea club and it has a wide following. As per the last count, the site meter shows the number of visitors as 108,928!!! Quite a high number, I guess.

This blog gives variety of information on Chelsea team. It provides you with glimpses of the goals from the matches, the league fixtures, the owner of the blog writes about football, allows others to post comments and moderates them. I think it has a wide range of Chelsea/Football fans regularly visiting it ranging from Australia to Ghana and the US. It has a well laid out design, clear instructions in the form of FAQ, conducts surveys, provides you with fixtures of English Football. Overall, it is a very well maintained site with active updates.

Why I am writing suddenly about this blog? There is a reason to it. This blog is run by my colleague, Blue Champion. (He wants to be known as such and remain anonymous on the internet. I respect his decision. So no names!!) He is a great fan and admirer of this club and follows English football more closely than many Englishmen would do. He has a keen interest for the game and writes interestingly about the matches. He is receiving many invitations to write for other blogs, participate in chat shows and discuss about football in English pubs. But it is unfortunate that he cant do these things since he is based out of Chennai, India. He has let go many an opportunity like this. But atleast he is able to contribute to other websites and blogs. He also get regular requests to trans-literate his blog into Chinese and other languages. Interesting blog and a must visit site for football fans…

What really excites me is his energy levels and his ability to maintain it on a daily basis. Blue Champion does all this after putting 10-12 hours at work on a daily basis. He spends 3 hours after going home in the night reading the latest news on world football, writing stories for the blog, moderating the comments. A truly demanding job. All for what? Just his passion towards the game. Blue Champion desires to become a Sports Writer someday, which I think he would become soon!!

All the best, Blue Champion!!! Way to go!!!!

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